Announcing Slack integration with Veamly

Veamly Integrations April 17, 2018


Announcing Slack integration with Veamly

As a customer support agent, if you are using slack to chat with your different customers, you must know how overwhelming it gets to deal with all their issues in a timely manner.

At Veamly, we want to help you spend your time more efficiently by automatically prioritizing and labeling your support messages. This is why we are offering you the Veamly slack integration. This is how it will help you optimize your attention span and use your time more efficiently.

Adding Veamly to your slack channels

Once you integrate your slack to Veamly, you will be prompted to create a board and select the channels you want Veamly to prioritize and tag for you. You then add  @veamly to these different channels on your slack team so it starts analyzing and prioritizing your customer support conversations.

customer support

Your Feed

Once you are all set, Veamly provides with a feed your prioritized messages in real time. Each message will have its priority level, the person who wrote it, the channel, date and time stamps.
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Your Watchlist

There are few things you can do with your feed of prioritized information. One of the important ones is adding particular messages to a watchlist. In the watchlist, messages are grouped by priority level. You can easily drag and drop them from a group to another if you feel that the priority changed.
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Processing the messages

Besides the watchlist, there’s another important action you can take which is processing the customer message into a JIRA ticket to pass it to your engineers. Veamly automatically  pre-fills your ticket. All you have to do is confirm, modify anything if you want to and hit create.
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How can this help you?

With Veamly, our pilot users were able to increase their productivity by 30%. They spend less time on slack and more time making sure their customers are successful. You can request your free account and see for yourself